Maximum Gains with Post Cycle Therapy

When you are looking for a long-term fitness plan, then you must take PCT or Post Cycle Therapy to keep your physique perfect.

Many of us do not understand the actual purpose of Post Cycle Therapy.

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Let’s see what PCT has to offer and which product should you rely upon to retain the bulk.

What is Post Cycle Therapy?

Post cycle therapy is like a method of detoxification which cleanses your body from several toxins, which were developed during cutting or bulking phase.

Of course, you had to put maximum efforts for the gains and now you want to retain it, like permanently.

While performing intense and hardcore workout you give rise to free radicals and certain oxidative stress, which harms you on a cellular level and is not good for your muscles.

Some bodybuilder calls it part of a recovery process and that is also right. Post Cycle Therapy consists of only one supplement that we think is sufficient enough as you have already been using so many of them.

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Now, sometimes these PCT supplements also exert adverse effects because of which selection of PCT supplement should be under strict watch.

What are PCT Supplements For?

Post Cycle supplements are of various uses. After putting your body under maximum pressure to gain muscle mass, your body tends to have low Testosterone production once you are done with the cycle.

Testo Max is a safe yet strong testosterone supplement.

Post Cycle Therapy supplements, keep the level of Testosterone in the moderate level, which is important for the muscle retention and recovery process.

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Adding PCT supplement to your diet plan can also help you avoid the CRASH which many people complain about after coming off steroids.

Which PCT Supplement is the Best?

The main purpose of PCT is to keep your body stress free and eliminate the toxins caused by an extreme workout.

That’s why you can’t rely on the synthetic steroids for this.

Crazy Bulk PCT is an ideal choice for those who are looking for the natural ways to retain muscular physique.

It is hard to believe that Chris Pratt was once the chubby star who portrayed Andy Dwyer in the comedy “Parks and Recreation.”

There are no drawbacks associated with the natural supplements and because of this you Post Cycle Therapy experience can be quite remarkable.


The natural formula in PCT gives your body a chance to eliminate the toxins and gain extreme performance level.

They tout D-Bal Max is an all-natural alternative to Dianabol, but is completely legal and doesn’t have any side effects.

Talking about Crazy Bulk PCT formula which is a combination of 9 different natural ingredients which supports your body’s natural process to release Testosterone and keep it in a healthier state.

The muscle recovery process is enhanced and that is because all the free radicals and toxins are eliminated from them.

After this, you will feel physically energized, full of stamina and most of all your muscle gain experience will be safer than you thought.

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There are many benefits you can find regarding Post Cycle Therapy.

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Bodybuilders around the world have made it a usual habit to do the PCT after every cycle, which keeps their body in a firm shape.

Some of the benefits are:

  • It preserves the gains
  • Act as a detoxifying agent, mainly for liver
  • Stops the occurrence of Gynecomastia (development of man-boobs)
  • Decreases Cortisol level which is a stress-inducing hormone
  • Keep the endurance level on peak
  • Improves Libido
  • Regulate the natural flow of Testosterone
  • No Harmful or side effects
PCT by Crazy Bulk- Directions

A single pack of Crazy Bulk PCT contains about 60 tablets which will be your one month’s quota. The best thing about PCT is that it can be used either alone or with any supplement stack for the enhanced results.

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Take one tablet with breakfast and another with lunch, in all workout and non-workout days.

Final Verdict

There are about dozens of Post Cycle Therapy supplements available, but the one from Crazy Bulk is renowned for the best results.

The premium grade ingredients are what defines the true efficacy of the supplement which is being used by millions of bodybuilders and fitness geeks.

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With an affordable price, PCT will only cost you $49.95 which is cheaper than many PCT supplements available online.

You will notice the sheer effects within a week and if you are worried about the hideous looking man boobs then you must really order it, like right now!

Your intense workout cycle will no longer be fatigued or stopped by any hindrance.

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